FarFinder 1.3.6

Remote access by iPhone and web


  • Look and feel of Finder
  • View files in iPhone
  • Email files


  • Can't download files to iPhone

Very good

Need to safely access your files over a remote connection yet worried about how difficult it may be to set up? Not to worry, FarFinder offers a simple Finder interface which can be easily accessed from anywhere. The application will generate a simple URL which will give you access to your folders.

FarFinder has been built with the iPhone specifically in mind and it offers a special iPhone view by which you can search your files. While you won't be able to download them, the application will allow you to send them by email to your contacts.

To get FarFinder to work properly you'll need to make sure you have a good internet connection. Apart from that you're lucky enough that FarFinder handles the whole remote configuration process.

FarFinder makes remote access from the web or your iPhone easy enough for anyone. Recommended if you need to have your files on hand at all times.

If you want to access your Mac's files remotely you might be comparing FarFinder to other options. But the following combination of features sets FarFinder apart:

  • Runs in a web browser: This means you really can use FarFinder anywhere, and at the drop of a hat. Some products require you to install software on the computer you're connecting from. This is not always possible, and certainly a hassle.
  • Connect from any computer: Any computer has a web browser, so you can connect from any computer. Some products are Mac-only, and unfortunately there's not always a Mac around.
  • Always at the same address: The URL for your Mac is always the same, and is easy to remember.
  • Mac-like: FarFinder looks great, is fast and is a pleasure to use.
  • Easy setup: No specialised knowledge required. Remember, networking is hard.
  • Even when you're not logged in: It doesn't matter who's logged into the Mac, or even if no-one is. Any of the Mac's users can connect using FarFinder at any time.
  • Tiger too: FarFinder works on both OS X 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard.
  • Great value for money!

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FarFinder 1.3.6

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